Investment Advisory

Demos Georgiou Rics
A Feasibility Study is the best way to determine whether a new venture will be viable with investors and developers in the marketplace. The analysis determines how successfully a project can be completed, accounting for all factors affecting profitability, such as economic, technical, financial, and legal factors.
With an integrated team of property consultants, market analysts, and engineers, Demos Georgiou & Associates is uniquely positioned to drive every aspect of feasibility study creation and subsequent business plan development.Our Feasibility Analyses provide vital support in selecting the best viable option for development. To minimise risk when working with Clients, we utilise a combination of property market research and cash-flow analysis to identify the most effective development options that meet their investment objectives.The Highest & Best Use Study is the rationally probable and legal use of property that is physically possible, appropriately supported, financially feasible and has the highest value.

Feasibility studies mainly comprised of 4 phases:

Site Assessment & Location Study

  • Access Analysis
  • Site visibility & attractiveness
  • Site SWOT Analysis

Socio-Economic Analysis & Market Dynamics

  • Utilise published data to establish socio-economic drivers of relevant market
  • Characteristics of the real estate market
  • Key trends in the real estate market

Market Analysis

  • Real Estate Market Overview
  • Demand and supply analysis
  • Highest and Best use analysis
  • Market absorption analysis

Financial Analysis

  • Projected Cash Flow
  • NPV analysis
  • Net Present Value
  • Project IRR


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