Building Surveys

Demos Georgiou Rics
At Demos Georgiou & Associates, we help our clients diagnose defects and assess the damage on their properties. We carry out an in-depth analysis of the property construction and condition, providing our clients with a comprehensive report that includes advice on defects, repairs, and the cost required to maintain or put the building in sound condition.

We help them prioritise defects or damages requiring immediate repair or investigation. Our team of highly skilled and experienced accredited surveyors can also carry out a building survey tailored to your specific requirement.

A building/structural survey is recommended for properties over 10 years old. It is also vital to carry out structural surveys on properties constructed using unconventional materials or methods. Building surveys provide buyers with information to help them make informed decisions regarding the property they want to buy.


Contact us for a professional and dependent assessment of your property’s market value.